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yes, it is! newwebpick E-magazine #31 in the superpick section!
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These are some screenshots...

live painting at "El beso", Madrid 03/01/2011

New year, and more live painting, that's great, this time at EL BESO store gallery in Madrid.
Check this link for more info.

Live painting at "cook and taste" barcelona

Once again, painting on windows, this time was a great challenge, the theme is about mediterranean cuisine and life style.

if you wanna see more pictures check them in my portfolio.


Yes, that is, tomorrow I will be painting in a storefront window once again!
If you live in Barcelona, and wanna watch me just click the map link. the name of the store is Rita Infants.
I'll will be from 10 to 14h and 17.30h t0 20h, hope to see you there :)

"pasta" for the belly and "pasta" for the pocket

This month I made the cover illustration for "Bcn week newspaper" the theme is about "pasta", In spain pasta has two meanings, is the food obviously and money, so i placed those elements and i think the result is quiet well.

Remember this?

vinyl version

Do you remember the storefront window painting show i did last summer? well, this kind of tecnic can`t stay long, it was only for the show and has been replaced; the owner requested me to make the same illustration but in adhesive vinyl, so i designed it, is not exactly the same and thats what i did. It was placed the last week and i decided to make a visit to see how it looks my work and share it with you.

Do you see any difference? the left pic is the new one

This design is also applied on the store stoves, looks nice doesn't it?

wake up girls. A new project

Im working in my new "wake up girl" series, this is the first of many illustrations im gonna make for sale.
This one is "Karen wants to sleep" is made with graphite and red color pencil. size 100x70cms.

HERITAGE, painting decoration in the salon

A client request me to make a painting in the saloon using my artwork style, she wanted to me draw some elements that represent barcelona, like the lamppost, the leaves for ex.

This painting project was made possible with the contribution of Karen Gomez, great artist with good manage of brushes.

Once she painted the frame I went to the salon to place it and paint the complete piece.

and now, my turn!

This is a good bye message I left on the kitchen glass

if you want to see more pict just click here

Heritage. painting process pics. almost done

I've been painting the hole day, but is almost done; tomorrow will be done, for now, see some takes of what i'm doing.

Heritage. painting process. not finished yet

Hey guys, here are some pics of our current painting project that im working on with Karen Gomez, great artist using the brush, i'll finish the rest in this weekend, stay in touch for the final painting pictures!

Tangled kiss. new version poster size

Blow your thoughts. experimental composition

Contribution for LTD Edition x War Child

Months ago i was chosen and invited to be part of this awe inspiring concept that is to be the first wave of products designed with total focus on helping the Children in War zones and support War Child for their beautiful love they show these children.
The idea is to illustrate a t-shirt tha it will be sell soon.
The main inspiration to create the design was:
- Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s going on “
- Martin Luther King Jr “ War is not the Answer”
And then create artwork that reflects this mood in my very unique way, with humor, morbid feeling, kawaii but ultimately with your vigor to show your love, care and support for the children.

This illustrationi made calls "Share the love" and is an ode to the nature, love and joy.
These are the tees

live Painting. Clock lamppost. Barcelona