Imagine you are walking on the streets of your city, town, planet, whatever... and you see a sign on the wall with a disposable camera that say "take picture dont steal" what would you do?
Well, this "crazy" idea was made for a guy who lives in Toronto (canada), Matt Greenwood, so, this guy has been posting cameras around Toronto and it has been succesfull. Its amazing how people like to be photographed, and be starring. I knew about this through a friend of me that lives there (Emily), since the moment i saw the website i couldnt resist to contact him -with my poor english- because i had a similar idea and i wanted to participate with his project here in Barcelona. he liked the idea to do it in Barcelona and other cities in the world, and now here they are some pics.

If you want to see the rest of the pics visit WWW.TAKEPICTUREDONTSTEAL.COM website.
BTW: ill be posting more cameras in barcelona...so stay alert :)

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